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911Pro specialists can advise you on quality products in order to carry out personalized projects. Whether it is to add signaling equipment or management systems, 911Pro is qualified to advise you on optimal solutions.

Véhicules d'urgence

Vehicle Upfitting

911Pro is the ultimate integrator when it comes to fitting out different types of fire prevention, paramedic or patrol vehicles. Conscious of restricted environments and concerned with ergonomics, 911Pro offers versatile solutions that promote the visibility, security and comfort of first responders.

A safe environment

911Pro specializes in fitting out first responder vehicles. In addition to equipping vehicles with quality sound and visual components, 911Pro offers storage systems adapted to the reality of users. Solid, accessible and safe, the options for organizing vehicle space are multiple and adapt to all needs. The specialists at 911Pro can also offer tailor-made solutions for even more customizations.

Reliable signage

911Pro recommends, sells and installs the best products in the industry. Proud partner of Sound-Off Signal, 911Pro is your benchmark for visible, durable signaling equipment that meets the most stringent standards in the industry.

Special vehicles

911Pro provides all types of special vehicles required for the work of first responders. Whether we are talking about ATVs, boats or argos, 911Pro adapts the equipment assemblies to make them ergonomic regardless of the size or use of the means of transport concerned. Command posts are also among the vehicles that can benefit from suitable electronic and computer equipment.



911Pro deals with the biggest names in the industry in order to offer you the best prices and the highest quality available while having a wide range of possibilities.


Whether for a personal or commercial project; for beacons or computers; security equipment or cameras, 911Pro has the solution.

Réseau Hub et câble


911Pro is there to carry out all major mobile projects. Whether to administer a mobile business or to integrate office technology into a vehicle, the 911Pro experts are there to provide reliable solutions.

Connect 911

The Connect 911 is an assembly that meets the demanding connectivity needs. This turnkey system supports signal strength and quality, wireless transmission security, user and access management. This solution makes it possible to centralize the various on-board tools and to assign them to the user's applications. The benefits of the Connect 911 remain simplicity, robustness and savings.


911Pro offers an IT support service available 24 hours 7 days a week. A team of technicians share the taking of calls to be there when customers need them.

Fleet Management

With 911Pro, fleet management is easy and hassle-free. The implementation of telemetry systems paired with a telecommunication modem makes it simple to ensure that everything goes as planned inside your mobile fleet.

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