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911Pro specializes in the development of electrical, electronic and computer components of safety/security vehicles. With more than 20 years of expertise, the 911Pro team is working rigorously and passionately to deliver functional, safe and ergonomic vehicles despite the various types of atypical vehicles found in the security fleets. 911Pro knows how to adapt its installation technique and manufacture custom-made supports to meet the requirements of civil vehicles.



An ergonomic interior environment


911Pro recommends, sells and installs different lines of signalling products that meet the specific needs and budgets of each customer. With unparalleled expertise in vehicular development, the 911Pro Team recommends visual and sound solutions adapted to atypical safety/safety vehicles. It is not necessary to obtain a "police" type of vehicle in order to arrange it in a safe and professional manner. 911Pro knows how to customize the addition of signaling on all types of vehicles.

For an ergonomic security/safety vehicle, several solutions exist to make it comfortable and functional in the field. 911Pro can install user-specific consoles in addition to organizing the space so as to make it optimal in the conduct of operations in working situations. There are no limits to improving vehicular environments. 911Pro also addresses canine needs in interior designs.
911Pro offers the best possible solutions according to the customers ' budgets.

Versatile cameras

Vehicular cameras are now very popular in safety/security vehicles. Whether they are used to increase the safety of patrollers or to provide additional visual assistance, 911Pro works with various suppliers to offer viable solutions within the framework of the safety/security environment.



911Pro produces all types of special vehicles necessary for the work of security and safety officers. Bicycles, such as ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles can be carefully accessorizeded to be seen and heard in noisy crowd environments. There are no limits to vehicular facilities as small as they may be.



911Pro is the specialist in vehicular computer integration. Our team sells, installs and configures the connected vehicular environment. Modem, onboard computer, docking station, multifunctional console and multi-band antenna are part of the rugged components of the patrol environment. By being attentive to the needs of its customers, 911Pro adapts each environment to the various specifications of safety and security vehicles.