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911Pro is the ultimate integrator when it comes time to develop different types of fire prevention vehicles. Aware of restricted environments, 911Pro offers versatile solutions that promote the visibility, safety and comfort of first responders.


Reliable Signaling

911Pro recommends, sells and installs the best products in the industry. As a proud partner of Soundoff Signal, 911Pro is your reference for visible, durable signaling equipment that respects the industry's most stringent standards.

A safe environment for first responders

911Pro specializes in the development of first responder vehicles. In addition to equipping the vehicles with quality sound and visual components, 911Pro offers storage systems adapted to the reality of firefighters. Solid, accessible and secure, the options to organize the space of SPI vehicles are multiple and adapt to all needs. 911Pro specialists can also offer customized solutions for even more personalization.

Special vehicles


911Pro produces all the types of special vehicles necessary for firefighters to work. Whether we are talking about ATVs, boats or Argos, 911Pro adapts the fixtures to make them ergonomic regardless of the size or use of the intended means of transport. The command posts are also among the vehicles that can benefit from an adapted electronic and computer development.

A connected environment


The mobile office is now part of the reality of firefighters. Modem, onboard computer, docking station and antenna are recommended, sold and installed to meet this growing technological need. The experts at 911PRO are responsible for offering robust equipments and adapted to the vehicular environments of the firefighters.