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float maintenance

911 Pro develops tailor-made solutions for monitoring, monitoring and maintenance of a fleet of vehicles. By extension, it often includes driver management.

With our expertise in positioning and communication technologies (GPRS, 3G, GSM data, satellite communication, UHF / VHF communication, Wi-Fi, ...), we can assist you in the deployment of a wide variety of products and of services to the product of a work of optimization

Geolocation / Geofencing

The real-time knowledge and positioning of the fleet of vehicles is an appropriate way to meet these imperatives of efficiency and profitability as part of a company's day-to-day activities.

A wide range of applications justifies the deployment of this technology:

  • Securing employees, transported goods and company cars

  • Facilitate services in geographically dispersed locations

  • Accounting for work time Follow-up and billing of a transport service for persons or goods

  • Reduce fuel consumption and the impact on the environment

  • Respect the law which sometimes imposes the installation of a solution geolocalisation professional vehicles according to the nature of the transported goods.

Exploitation of information by business applications 


The centralization of various vehicle information (position, mileage, driver ...) can be coupled with a specific system that will exploit these data. From waste collection to delivery services and transporters, various tools can help improve the productivity of the company by centralizing information from the field and redistributing it to the various stakeholders.

maintenance management

• Anticipate and schedule vehicle interviews

• Count engine hours (RPM) and mileage traveled

• Decrease the possibilities of wear and anticipate breakage immobilizing the fleet

Our team specializes in the development of customized solutions.

We customize the solution and management tool to meet your specific needs.