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 Vehicle technicians / assemblers


Under the direction of the production manager:


  • Read the work orders;

  • Consult the project plans;

  • Consult specifications and / or blueprint for installation;

  • Participate as needed in pre-production meetings;

  • Make sure you have the necessary equipment to perform all the required work;

  • Perform the work in accordance with the client's expectations;

  • Report to the production manager the extraordinary situations

  • Must project a professional image and maintain his own workstation Other related tasks


Perform, as required, at the scene of an emergency repair event on various communications and emergency equipment.


Exigences pour le poste

  • Know the principles of electricity 12 volts

  • Know the basics of mechanics / electromechanics

  • Know the basics of telecommunication

  • Know the basics of modem programming (an asset)

Required qualities

  • Sense of resourcefulness and autonomy;

  • Professionalism;

  • Positive attitude and team spirit

  • Rigor and constancy;

  • Desire to learn;

Employment situation 

Permanent permanent employment,

year-round Competitive salary, insurance, opportunities for advancement

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