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911 Pro can accompany you in the development and installation of service vehicle equipment. The specialists of 911 Pro can advise you quality products in order to carry out personalized projects. Whether it is to add signalling equipment or to develop interior systems, 911 Pro will advise you on optimum solutions.


Rigorous fleet maintenance

911Pro has several years of experience in the maintenance of electronic and computer components of vehicular fleets. Since 911Pro recognizes the importance of emergency equipment functionality in service vehicles, a team of technicians is available to answer the call when the equipment is defective. Several types of contracts are available to respond to different levels of calls.



911Pro recommends, sells and installs the best products in the industry.
As a proud partner of Soundoff Signal, 911Pro is your benchmark for visible, durable signaling equipment that respects the industry's most stringent standards.


A modular environment for paramedics

911Pro specializes in the development of emergency Services Supervisor vehicles. In addition to equipping the vehicles with quality sound and visual components, 911Pro offers central consoles adapted to the reality of the paramedics. Ergonomics are designed to allow paramedics to avoid back injuries by having access to their vehicular equipment in a thoughtful and functional manner.


The mobile office is now part of the reality of the paramedics. Modem, onboard computer, docking station and antenna are recommended, sold and installed to meet this growing technological need. 911Pro's experts are responsible for providing robust and adapted equipment to the vehicular environments of the paramedics.