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Who are we ?

911Pro is a Quebec company set up by James Dixon, a visionary firefighter who wanted to improve the rendering of services related to the construction of emergency vehicles. With a hand toolbox and a cell phone, Mr Dixon started by offering installation services himself in various emergency services in the area.


Customized solutions

911Pro is here to carry out all major mobile projects. Renowned in the field of emergency vehicles, 911Pro goes beyond government facilities to meet the growing demand for the addition of technologies in service or commercial vehicles. Whether it's for rolling or mobile commerce or extending office technology into a vehicle, 911Pro's experts are here to provide reliable solutions in terms of return on investment.


A strong team

911Pro consists of a solid and complementary multidisciplinary team. Since it is rare to find a place specialized in several mobile expertise, 911Pro has dared to do otherwise by integrating telecommunication into its service offering in 2015. Aware of the growing technological need in the mobile field, 911Pro has set up a team responding to vehicular computer applications.


Customer service focused representation

911Pro is very proud to assist you in recommending quality products for the components of any simple or complex vehicular project. A team of sales representatives as well as an in-house sales expert respond to your requests day after day by providing effective solutions that meet clients' budgets.


Mobile support

911Pro travels in-house, as needed, to repair or install vehicular components of mobile solutions. Easy to access, this solution minimizes the loss of time associated with the transport of vehicles to be developed. The team travels to the command post for large projects. Summer or winter, night or day, the 911Pro mobile team is here.